About Our Tribe

I created MomandMommy in 2011 to provide insight into trying to conceive, pregnancy, and parenting because there were no families that looked like mine on YouTube. Fast forward to the present day, our family has grown and changed and so has our brand. I am proud to continue giving parenting insight, but that information sharing now includes homeschooling/unschooling, the challenges and triumphs of raising a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and co-existing disorders, and life as a Queer Black Mama!  My mission over the past 7 years has been to show families that adventure doesn't end when parenthood begins! Tribe on a Quest provides a front-row seat to our quests for adventure as travel writers and vloggers. We focus on topics relating to travel, parenting, Autism/Sensory Processing Disorder/ADHD, homeschooling, DIY/Tutorials, and more. Thanks so much for stopping by!

We are a family of travel writers on a quest for more... Love, Compassion, Laughter, Adventure, Spontaneity... we want more of it all!

Our core tribe consists of 3 people: Mommy (Marquita), "Roo", and "Lightning Bug". But our tribe expands for some of our adventures and may include other family members and friends! Throughout our travels, we tend to go with the flow, but our primary goals for this quest are: - To grow closer as a family - Become less attached to our material possessions - Capture the moments that take our breath away

I am the Mama Bear who keeps this little tugboat afloat. I am Mom-in-Chief, the voice of Tribe on a Quest, creating the content, editing the vlogs, and all behind the scenes work to keep this tribe truckin along!

Little girl in snow wearing Zohan Headphones

Big Sister in Charge:
I'm in charge of making sure everyone takes the time to stop and smell the roses, I am also the resident comedian helping everyone laugh and remember to not sweat the small stuff!

Beau Rivage Haagen Dazs

Littlest Love:
"Lightning Bug"
I am the Boss Baby around these parts and I am in charge of spontaneous adventures, cracking jokes, and keeping my tribe members on their toes!